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At Young & Maslowski, LLC, we will provide you with compassionate and professional assistance with the guardianship proceedings of an incapacitated loved one.

In cases where a person is not able to make decisions on his or her own, a guardianship may be required. A guardian is a person who makes decisions on behalf of an incompetent adult or a minor whose parents are deceased or otherwise unable to do so. A guardian can make medical decisions and other life decisions on behalf of the incompetent adult or minor.

At Young & Maslowski, LLC, we have experience in representing families seeking the appointment of guardians, and we also have experience in representing individuals who are objecting to the appointment of a guardian. From filing the necessary paperwork to attending hearings, we will be with you every step of the way.

We offer flat rate and hourly rate arrangement for our guardianship services.

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Child Guardianship

Guardianship of a child is frequently sought when a child’s parents are not capable of caring for the child on their own. Typically a responsible family member will petition the Court to be appointed as guardian of the child.

Adult Guardianship

Adult guardianship is frequently sought when an adult individual is incapacitated without Powers of Attorney in place. An adult guardianship can also be sought when there is a mental health issue. To be appointed a guardian, you must petition the Court. Depending on the situation, the guardianship can be temporary or permanent. If approved by the Court, the guardian is given the ability to act on behalf of the ward in the capacity determined by the Court.