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Nursing Home Planning

At Young & Maslowski, LLC, we will work with you to create a personalized plan that protects and preserves your assets in the event of future nursing home care.

With proper planning, you can avoid having to use your hard-earned life savings to cover the costs of nursing home care. Specifically, there are options available to protect your assets and help preserve them for future generations.

At Young & Maslowski, LLC, we will discuss all of the available options for nursing home planning with you and assist you in making the decision that satisfies your needs and objectives. Overall, we are committed to helping you protect your life savings and properly prepare for your future.

We offer flat rate and hourly rate arrangements for our nursing home planning services.

Contact us today to discuss.

Nursing Home Care

There are state and federal programs that help pay for nursing home care. There are certain income and asset restrictions that must be met in order to qualify for many of these assistance programs. In many instances, the spouse can keep his or her house, a car and typically a small portion of their savings, with the rest going to help pay for the nursing home care.

Options for Nursing Home Planning

  • Transfers or Gifts
  • Creation of Trusts
  • Placing Assets in Certain Types of Protected Accounts